Friday, May 2, 2014

Intro: Fangirl

So, I'm a pretty normal fangirl. I read books. I watch many television shows. I have a tumblr. So on and so forth. You could say I'm a qualified fangirl. I'm an aspiring writer which is why this blog exists. The thing about being a writer (or wish to be one that is) is that you constantly need either inspiration or experience. I believe they fall hand in hand, but for the purposes of me expressing my thoughts we're just going to pretend they're different. This blog functions in the experience column and I am currently working on the inspiration part. See the thing is I can't seem to figure out my writing style. On here I may sound funny or sarcastic, but when I start writing my book I turn into a formal stick in the mud. Or maybe I don't. I'm not really sure because I'm not at all objective. So hopefully this blog will open up opportunities to sort out my personal feelings whilst getting writing experience (by the way "whilst" is my favorite word).

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