Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Surviving High School

High school can either be the greatest four years of your life or the worst four years of your life. I honestly hope they are worst, because high school is really stupid. Honestly. I am in the last two weeks of my junior year and it is literally the most pointless two weeks I'll ever have.

Tip Numero uno: Don't complain about how pointless school is.
YEAH WE KNOW. Tweet about it all you want, but no one wants to hear what they already know.

Tip Number Two: Find your crowd.
I was in denial that my school actually was cliché and had cliques, but trust me every school has cliques. I personally really love the theatre group. I am no associated with the theatre at all. But I have friends who are in theatre and I love them. At lunch we discuss everything from superheroes to equality. I also can fangirl to them about the various books I read and pretty much anything.

Tip Number Three: Don't let yourself be bullied.
And by that I don't mean confront your bully and throw shovels at them. I mean don't let other people's scorn get to you. Now I realize that is rather difficult. I still struggle with it. I desperately want everyone to like me, but trust me someone will hate you because you are awesome. Just surround yourself with friends that will listen to you rant about some mean girl and then call her a jerk at the end of said rant.

Tip Number Four: Take as many "smart people" classes as you can.
Whether it be a honors, AP, or a college class you should take it. You will learn so much in these classes. And not about the curriculum. You will learn about you. Trust me this will help you so much in life. Just don't sign up for so many that you are overwhelmed.

Tip Number Five: Learn to love/ respect your teachers.
Your teachers may seem like they hate you because they give you so much homework, but most really care about your well being. If you have problem go talk to them. They wouldn't be teachers if they hated kids. I don't know where I would be in life without my English teacher. And even if you really don't like your teacher's teaching style or personality you should still respect them. THEY DO SO MUCH. They deal with snobby children and grade so many papers. But they also have to worry about teaching you what you need to know. And also if you don't respect adults in your adolescence how do you expect children to respect you when your an adult? Golden rule people.

That is all my tips for the day. I think I'll make a segment of this. "Jamie's tips to getting through life", sounds catchy to me. Have a great day nerds.

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